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Replace this Line with the Title of Your Essay Your Name Goes Here American Public University System Replace this Line with the Title of Your Essay  Start your introductory paragraph(s) here (i.e., delete all of my paragraphs of instruction after reading through them, and replace them with your own paragraphs for your essay). Leave the font for your essay on Arial 10, double-spaced. Leave the margins at 1 inch. Leave page numbering set to automatically number each page of the body of your essay in the upper-right corner of the page (the title page and reference page should not be numbered). The body of your essay should be approximately 4-5 pages long (minimum of 1500 words), not including your title page and reference page. Make sure all writing is in full sentences and complete paragraphs – no lists or bullet statements. Do not adjust the margins or add indentations, and do not add blank lines between paragraphs or before or after section headings and sub-headings. You may include images or tables in your essay, if needed, but they do not count toward the minimum 1500 words, so adjust the length of your essay accordingly to compensate for space taken up by the images and/or tables.  You should customize the title page by replacing the first two lines of text with your essay’s title and your name, respectively. You should also replace the heading at the top of this page with your essay’s title. However, do not modify or remove the section sub-headings that appear below, throughout the rest of your essay (i.e., “Characteristics of the Users of the System,” “Features and Usage of the System,” “Impact of the System,” “Conclusion,” and “References”) and do not add additional sub-headings. Leave all of the section sub-headings in your document to keep it organized. Everyone is required to write the same sections in their essay. You will analyze your own unique approved information system, filling in each section of this template appropriately.  Write in your own words and remember that your similarity rating must be 15% or less. Try to paraphrase and explain information you learn from your sources in your own words, rather than quoting from your sources. Your reference page does not count towards your 15% allowable similarity. To check this, after your TurnItIn report is generated, there should be a filter you can click on in the report that will bring up the option to “Exclude Bibliography.” After selecting this option, your adjusted similarity rating needs to be 15% or less. I will select “Exclude Bibliography” on all essays before grading them, to adjust the actual similarity rating in your essay and confirm it is no more than 15%.  Your introductory paragraph(s) should provide an overview of your information system by briefly describing your information system and explaining the purpose of the information system. You can also provide an overview of the primary users of the system, and the primary features and functions of the system. However, try not to Read More …

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