Question 1: Plato

What are the experiences of the liberated prisoner’s experience outside the cave?  How does “truth” change before, during the liberation, and after?

Question 2: Plato

Why do those in the cave believe what they see is reality, and why does this pose problems for the liberated prisoner who tries to tell the others about the outside?


Question 3: Plato

Ask a question about the “Cave” reading. There is a lot of complexity here to dig into.


Comment on at least one student question.

Confucius:  A few steps here for this one…

Question 4: Confucius


· Pick a short teaching or “saying” from Confucius (page 708+).  Quote it.


· Then, work to paraphrase it three different times in three different ways.  That is, keep close to the original message of the teaching, but reword it each time.


· Now unpack what you think the teaching means.  Are there insights from your attempts at rephrasing the teaching that opens up new meaning or ideas?  Many times his teachings seem easy, but when we “unpack” them, we can see complexity inside the seemingly straightforward teaching.


Comment on at least one student response for Question 4