How Important Are Structure And Culture Compared To The Other Primary Internal Considerations For A Strategic Plan?

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

How important are structure and culture compared to the other primary internal considerations for a strategic plan?

For background, consider this article: The  Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture from our online library on how culture and strategy, when aligned, can maximize organizational results. NOTE: If you use the  article, be sure to cite it in your message using APA format (you can copy and paste the citation I provide below). 


Groysberg, B., Lee, J., Price, J., & Cheng, J. Y.-J. (2018).  The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture. (cover story). Harvard Business Review96(1), 44–52

If you use a different article, make use of the Reference Citation Generator in the online Library for your APA formatted citation.