Prototyping Plan




Your team is now ready to prototype the Section 508-validated application being developed for U.S. Department of Homeland Security field officers to check potential immigrants for connections to criminal or terrorist behavior. Remember, this application must meet these requirements:

· Conform with Section-508 accessibility guidelines.

· Allow wireless real-time bidirectional data transfer and database queries with secure servers.

· Have a secure login and, after two minutes of non-use, have autolocking that reactivates a secure login.

· Account for the fact that officers work on any day and at any time in offices, from vehicles, and on foot along the U.S. border and in cities across the country.


Create a 3–5-page prototyping plan for your application you are developing. Include these components in your plan:

· Craft an executive summary that states the purpose of the report and a conclusion that ties everything together.

· Describe the following and explain the rationale for your decisions, supported by research:

. Interface choices such as menu-driven, GUI, or object-oriented.

. Methods for input/output.

. Supported devices.

· Explain the following in detail and justify why you made these choices, supported by research:

. How the application will process user mistakes and errors.

. How you will implement application security.

· List the following tools, and explain why you chose these tools, supported by research.

. Two specific software tools used to determine programming bugs.

. Three automated tools will be used to validate accessibility.

· Explain two of the UX prototyping techniques you will use, and justify your choices, supported by research.

· Create two drawings using Visio or a similar tool:

. The first drawing should depict the user display (what users will see).

. The second drawing should depict the system processing flow—that is, how information flows through the application in both directions. Essentially, depict the steps the application will follow, from receiving data to the outcome of why people are using the app in the first place.

. Both drawings must align with the specifications and functions of the app.

· Incorporate a minimum of three credible and relevant resources to support your plan.