Psychology-PSYCH Semester Paper Rubric

PSYCH Semester Paper Rubric


Requirements   Yes – Mostly (100% – 90%)            Somewhat – Very Little (89% -60%)         Barely – No (0% – 59)

Is there a well-written and organized introduction that adequately informs the reader of the paper content? 10                                                

Does the student compare and contrast the seven contemporary approaches? 14                                          

Does the student explain how the approaches evolved from its inception?

Does the student discuss how each approach is relevant today? 14                                          

Did the student explore a notable psychologist’s contribution to the field and discuss the psychological approach that the psychologist focuses on and the impact to society? 20                                    

Does the student provide a well-written conclusion that adequately summarizes the content explored within the body of the paper?    10                                

Does the paper abide by the criteria that is outlined in the syllabus regarding formatting, page length, APA, etc.? 12                                       

Is the paper academically sound? Did the student use academic and credible sources other than the required textbook? 10                                               

Does the student offer proper attribution? Does the paper include in-text citations and a bibliography that are properly formatted? Does the student acknowledge his or her sources consistently throughout the paper? 10                                     

Total Score: