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The Descriptive Essay

This type of paper goes into greater detail to provide deep information on how something is perceived by the senses of smell, sight, taste, feeling and sounds. Moreover, it makes good use of sensory details and requires an exceptionally skilled writer to craft it well.

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The Argumentative Essay

This kind of paper is highly persuasive as it is geared towards convincing the readers to cross over to the author’s line of thought. Various approaches could be used in an argumentative essay, all with the ultimate goal being convincing the reader to back the author’s viewpoint.

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The Process Essay

This type of essay provides a profound description of how something should be undertaken. It offers clear explanatory action to be taken or details the necessary steps to be taken into account in order to achieve the final outcome. It incorporates precision and clarity in writing.

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Essay Writing: A Daunting Task for many students

Following extensive research, among 44% of undergraduate college students undertaking different courses, on average, the time dedicated to written assignments is 10 hours for each subject.

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37% of students in post-graduate programs have an even greater burden. Because of the highly intensive nature of their programs, more is expected of these students. On average, some 15 hours per subject should be dedicated to completing the necessary reading in addition to written assignments.

When it comes to the post graduate students, with the high demanding nature of their programs, one would require dedicating about 15 hours on average per subject to the assignments to successfully complete written assignments.

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Why Students Resort to Plagiarism

Reasons why Students Resort to Plagiarism

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