Criminal Justice

  Criminal Justice students will review President Barack Obama’s law review entitled “The President Role in Advancing Criminal Justice Reform” see the link below. Please prepare to formulate a proposal basedon a prevention or intervention program for responding to a grant by creating a cogent problem statement. reform/ Advisement As indicated with the course syllabus, students are required to meet with the instructor to receive academic advisement and work on career development and professional development opportunities. The instructor will organize this process to expedite advisement for graduation. Assignment: Points: 1st Activity 10 Writing Assignment 10 Oral Presentation 10 Weekly Journals 65 Professional Attainment and Career Development 5 Total 100 Assessment and Grading Students within the course will be required to complete a variety of activities that include that will assess their competency in the subject matter of Juvenile Justice Administration and Management through prevention and intervention   This is a graded discussion: 10 points possible due Mar 16 1.6: First Activity No unread replies.No replies. Due March 16, 2024, 11:59 pm Describe in detail what legal and/or ethical dilemma means to you as an independent researcher. For this section, the maximum/minimum word count is 150 words. Then, describe a program you would like to propose in the form of a proposal (Grant) to address the perceived legal or ethical dilemma in 150 maximum/minimum word count. Requirements: Word Count no more than 300 words max/minimum. You must reference the President Obama Law review in your response. A statistical delineation is a must. APA must be followed Do not upload as a document, must be written in a discussion formCriminal Justice