Evaluating Quality Media profile

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Evaluating Quality Media

Provide the name of the media source here.

Evaluate the media by completing the following chart.


Criteria Yes No Explain your reasoning (50 words per criteria).
1. Is the purpose of the media clear?
2. Is the media created for young children?
3. Are there any media glitches that could cause problems for the students?
4. Is the media free of bias and does an accurate depiction of diversity?
5. Does the media offer multi-language opportunities?
6. Is the media free from advertising?
7. Does the media support students of different learning skills?
8. Can students easily navigate through the media source?
9. Is the artwork engaging and creative?
10. Is the media free to use or of very low cost?



List two additional questions that you might use to evaluate the quality of this media.




Now that you have evaluated your selected media, write a two-paragraph recommendation to give to your building principal about this media source. In the first paragraph, explain why you should or should not use this media in the classroom at your school. In the second paragraph, give a thorough explanation of why you made this decision.