The Self-Quiz assignments involve you creating for yourself a high-quality multiple choice quiz question. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to think deeply enough about the course material to be able to accurately and specifically identify an important concept and an indirect but accurate way to describe that concept while also distinguishing it from other similar concepts. This assignment will also provide you with useful study material to refer to later on in the course if you like.

Your multiple choice question should be based on class content covered within the week prior to the due date and should include the following:

1. A well-written stem (the main question part) that clearly and accurately describes whatever concept the question is about.

2. 1 correct response option.

3. 3 incorrect response options.

4. All response options should be clearly written and should be plausible responses to the question stem (as opposed to being very obviously wrong).

5. A short explanatory paragraph after the question that explains what the correct answer is and why and why the other responses are incorrect.

6. Your question stem and response options should be more than just concept names and glossary definitions.

Your submissions should something like the example below.


Example (using social psychology concepts):

Dwayne wants Mary to join the leadership team of his student club but she’s not sure if she wants to join. Dwayne asks her if she would be willing to take a few flyers to put up in her dorm while she thinks about it. Next week, Dwayne asks her again and she agrees to join. What social influence strategy did Dwayne use here?

7. Door-in-the-face technique

8. Foot-in-the-door technique

9. Interpersonal persuasion

10. Lowballing

B is the correct answer because the stem describes Dwayne asking Mary to comply with a smaller request first and then a larger request later, which only applies to the foot-in-the-door effect.

A and D are good distractors because they are other compliance-gaining techniques that we learned about.

C is a good distractor because it’s technically correct (Dwayne is attempting to persuade Mary) but it’s too broad and is clearly not a better answer than B.


You will be graded on:

· Following the instructions and submission contains all required elements.

· Whether your correct answer is actually correct and your incorrect answers are actually incorrect.

· Whether you have provided a thoughtful and accurate explanation for your response options.