Analog Blog

Analog Blog
Format MLA

Volume of 1 page (275 words)
Type of service: Custom writing

Assignment type : Outline

For this blog, do the following:

1. Tell the class about a piece of writing that influenced you. Explain one or more reasons you think you were influenced by it. If the piece of writing is online, attach a link.

2. Read the 3 articles located in the Analyzing Arguments Assignment HandoutPreview the documentView in a new window. Choose one of the three articles and list five different rhetorical devices you see in that text, providing two examples of each device. (See the PowerPoint for a list of the rhetorical devices you can choose from).

3. Comment on no fewer than three other students’ blog entries to be eligible for full points. Your comments must be meaningful and thoughtful, and you must refrain from attacking the writer, even if you do not agree with his or her perspective.