Application of counselling skills Application of counselling skills

Application of counselling skills Application of counselling skills
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Write a reflective journal on counseling skills with a scenario. Apply the counseling skills such as open-ended question, reflection, reframing etc. to apply in the case and also apply the different stages of griefing process
Counseling Process, Ethics and Skills Course Outline :1. Guidance & Counselling- Qualities of a good counseling teacher : i. Identifying and assessing student’ needs and then formulating and implementing treatment plans for studentsii. Handling less severe cases of learning and behavioral problems referred by other teachersiii. Planning and conducting developmental and preventive programs- Code of ethics : confidentiality2. Developing helping relationship- Rapport building :i. Sharingii. Listeningiii. Verbal and non-verbal behavior- Dealing with resistancei. Respect and acceptanceii. Code of ethics : counseling relationshipiii. Transference and countertransference3. Assessment- Previous assessment by doctor or specialist- Physical health- Learning- Social-emotional development- Family, self-concept, interest and strength- Ethical issue : record keeping4. Questioning skills- Open-ended question- Close –ended question- Rephrase the question- Clarification- Managing distraction- Reframing5. Goal setting- Goad setting and action planning- Counselling skills : use of silence, reflecting of feeling/content/experience, reframing- Ethical issue : group counselling’- Core quality : empathy6. Evaluating on effectiveness- Ending the counseling relationship- Ethical issue : termination7. Grief counselling :- Stage of grief model : Kubler-Rossi. Denialii. Angeriii. Bargainiv. Depressionv. Acceptance

Assignment :Write a reflection paper on what you have learnt and how you have applied it in your work and/or personal life.Word limit : 2000 wordsQuestions you may consider :*Do you apply what you have learnt in your work? What is the experience*Do you apply what you have learnt in your personal life (eg. Yourself, family and friends)? What is the experience?. What do you find most useful? Why?. Any difficulties in practicing the counseling skills and knowledge in your work and personal life?  Any suggestions for working on the difficulties?. Any issues you find relevant and interest and would like to share about counselling.
Assessment Criteria :. Use of theory/concepts of counseling. Use of appropriate professional and/or research literature to support response. Application in work and personal life : translate the theory into practice. Depth of personal reflection. Structure and organization response. Presentation of response according to appropriate academic and linguistic conventions.  Use APA referencing.

Please perform this assignment according to the above guideline.
Here is a case scenario for you to apply the above counseling skills as far as possible.  
The writer as a counsellor to a Secondary 3 students who feel depress because of loss of her mother (died from cancer recently).  She felt guilty because she thought she did not spend enough time to stay with her mother during her hospitalization as she was busy with the examination.  Now, she did not want to go to school and stay at home to grief for the loss of her mother.  As a result she got fail in her examination.