What causes college students to drop out, OR what are the effects of students dropping out.


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Paper detailsSubject:EducationTopic:What causes college students to drop out, OR what are the effects of students dropping out.

At A Glance: Cause and Effect Essay Focus: Write a cause and effect essay to inform readers of either the causes or effects of an event or situation. Topic Guidelines: Choose from the assigned topics. Word Count: 1000-1200 Format: MLA format. (Essays that do not include both in-text citations and a Works Cited will receive a zero.) Point of View: Third person point of view is required. (Avoid first and second person.) Outside Research: Cite 3-4 credible online sources. Submission Guidelines: Submit the essay as an attachment. Save file as .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Locate 3-4 credible online sources to support your paper. Guidelines for acceptable sources: •Do not cite dictionaries, Wikipedia, encyclopedias, blogs, study guides, About.com (or other similar question/answer sites) or other websites in which the credibility of the author or site cannot be verified. Avoid .com sites that merely attempt to sell their products. •Cite sources such as educational websites, journals, news websites, government websites, or other professional sites. •If you have questions about the credibility of any potential sources, please ask. Write a cause and effect essay and use the sources you’ve located to support your paper. Introduction Paragraph •This paragraph should introduce and discuss the topic using an appropriate strategy and end with a clear thesis statement to reflect the focus of your paper. (Remember to write in third person.) Body Paragraphs •Each of the three main body paragraphs should contain a minimum of one paraphrase or quote from a credible online source. •All information from sources must be properly integrated and cited through MLA 8 citation. (This includes in-text citation and a Works Cited.) •Include word choices specific to cause and effect essays to connect ideas and establish a clear connection between causes and effects. ◦Word choice examples: consequences, results, as a result, cause, effect, influences, affects, due to, therefore, consequently, thus, because Conclusion •The conclusion should restate key ideas (without becoming repetitive of previous information) and wrap up the essay. Works Cited •Included a properly formatted MLA 8 Works Cited as the last page of your essay. (Works Cited does not count toward minimum word count requirements.)