Current Event Analysis for Microeconomics

Current Event Analysis for Microeconomics

Format MLA

Volume of 3 pages (750 words)
Assignment type : Essay

You have one paper assignment to write for this course. The objective of the assignment is for you to apply the concepts you learned in the course to current events. Your topics are not limited to US. You should look into potential impact(s) of US or other nations’ policies to our economy in terms of microeconomics. In other words, how these Macro policies could affect “you or companies around us”. There should be no shortages of topics especially with President Trump’s proposals and policies, ranging from healthcare to foreign policies to energy/banking regulations (less), and etc.

The format should be:

1. Introduction – Brief background explanation of the articles you read including the authors’ stands on the issues if there are any.

2. Body – Explain what authors’ are talking about using the concepts we learned in the course. For example, regarding the President’s proposal on building the southern border wall, what would be the potential microeconomic impacts (positive and/or negative) to you or U.S. companies? What about the economic sanctions to North Korea? What’s the point of using this strategy? Who would benefit or vice versa?

3. Conclusion – Summarize your position on the issues based on your “body” above. You don’t have to agree with the authors’ positions (We all have a bit of bias including these authors). I will not grade your paper on what position you are taking. Rather, you will be grade on how strongly you supported your position using facts and economic concepts (Avoid opinions based on personal philosophy, religion, or emotion).