Recent draft Proposal for Final Paper

Proposal for Final Paper



The point of an essay proposal is twofold:

  1. It encourages you to start thinking about and researching your chosen topic sooner rather than later (or too late).
  2. It allows me to provide feedback at an early stage – to suggest sources, different perspectives and/or to warn of potential problem areas.


For your final paper you are required to select a specific aspect of popular culture for detailed analysis. How does this element of popular culture shape the way we understand the world around us? You are not restricted to the theories or subjects that we will be concentrating on in class. The aspect of popular culture may be anything you find interesting – historical, contemporary, media based, subculturtal, etc. You may not, however, simply repeat an argument made in class or in the readings. You must have an original thesis. Your final paper will need to be seven (7) pages, double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman or Georgia font with standard 1” margins. You must use at least six different academic sources. It must be in MLA format with proper citations.


Example essay topics:

  • Class biases in Project Runway.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean and corporate hegemony.
  • Ableism in cosplay culture.
  • Colin Kaepernick and the portrayal of race in public protest.



For the essay proposal, think about getting as detailed as possible with your subject. What specifically do you want to explore or prove? What approach will you use (looking at visuals, sound, hegemony, consumption, etc.)?  Give a rough idea of your thesis.  It doesn’t have to be exactly worded, but your ARGUMENT needs to be clear.  Think, “I will prove…” and then take remove that sentence.  You will need to look to see if the resources exist as you work on your topic, since you will need to include three references in your proposal.


The essay proposal must be at least two (2) pages typed pages, double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman or Georgia font with standard 1″ margins. It must include:

  • A statement of your topic and the theoretical approach you will use.
  • A rough outline of your thesis (what you will be arguing/proving).
  • A sample bibliography
  • At least three (3) sources (remember you will need six total for your final paper)
  • MLA format
  • No Internet sources permitted (academic journals found through the library website are allowed and encouraged).
  • You may include readings from class but they do not count toward the three that are required.