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research proposal

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The next project: A PROPOSAL or the mini-multi?????

No, you won’t be making a life-changing move, but you could change someone’s life. It just depends on the topic that you pick–and you will get to know this topic even better than you did the last as you will be creating a multi-genre mini-portfolio around the topic.

The Multi-genre mini will include at least 4 and no more than 7 different types of documents within it by the end of the semester. What kind of documents you may ask? There are three different categories to chose from and you need at least one document from each:

Visual: Advertisements, graphs, charts, pictures, photos, etc.

Short documents: memos, letters, emails, work orders, tweets, advertisements, directions

“Long” documents: essays, formal reports (short and long) a proposal***(this is comprised of 4-5 documents within one and would count the same as a mini multi), brochures,

***Should you chose to have your multi-mini take the form of a (limited)l it might include: an introduction, a limited literature review (4-6 sources); a rationale that states your specific claims you will undertake; method and design documentation–a document that highlights and details ow your work will lead to an improvement of the condition or issue–i.e. the steps and how they will change things; a conclusion or recommendation of work; and your Works Cited or References page (dependent upon whether you are using MLA or APA formatting).

Past mini-multigenre assignments have taken the form of / and included:

  1. A Press packet for a new release: brief bios on the main players in the project; background on the production; storyline; press releases, storyboard of trailer(s); and works cited/resources


  1. A patient file: intake papers, treatment plan, prescriptions, daily care, etc.
  2. Promotional Materials for a vacation spot: brochure, video spot / commercial, historical background, etc.
  3. A course plan for a class: syllabus, one or two lesson plans, course site materials/reference materials, assignment sheets; lecture notes….

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