The Medici Family

The Medici Family

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 Discipline History

Assignment type : Essay

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Directions for Analytical Essay

An analytical essay means you will need to present some type of argument, or claim, about what you are analyzing. (person, document, or event)

Step 1: Choose a topic

Step 2: Brain storm ideas: If you’re writing about a historical event, explain with detail what factors contributed to the event. If you are writing about an individual, what factors made that individual significant to World History.

Step 3: Develop Thesis statement (the statement that summarizes your claim/argument)

Step 4: Find supporting evidence using primary and secondary sources.

Step 5: Organize your essay/write it.


Format of essay: 5 Paragraphs

I Introduction (Historical context and thesis)

  1. Paragraph 1 (make sure you provide evidence and support)

III Paragraph II (make sure you provide evidence and support)

IV Paragraph III (make sure you provide evidence and support)

V Conclusion (recap essay, include thesis statement)



  • Chicago Turabian
  • 5 pages
  • Use of footnotes
  • 3 primary resources and 3 secondary resources
  • Font: 12 New Roman Times
  • Pages can be numbered
  • Please add title page (Your name and topic) not included as a page of your essay.
  • No essay covers or protectors needed. I will provide stapler.
  • Citation